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What is Belta?


The Belta – Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association unites the major Brazilian institutions which works in the courses area, internships and exchanges abroad.
Founded in 1st July 1992, Belta is a recognized association both in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays, your partners represent more than 90% of the educational international market.

Belta and your partners

The associates must comply with the following operational and ethical values, among others:
• Develop, facilitate and promote a global education, aiming at a better relationship between nations and personal development.
• Render services of outstanding quality and excellence;
• Promote the existing possibilities of international education programs;
• Work according to the code of conduct established by Belta.
As specialists in international education, the members of Belta acting like operators courses abroad and guide your clients about the best opportunities of courses

Belta and the public

The objectives of Belta in relation with the consumer public are:
• Guide the students and professional about the best alternatives of courses abroad, exchange and international graduate.
• Control the quality of the services rendered for the area of education abroad, receiving information request and claims.

Belta’s activities

Belta develops partnerships with international language and educational institutions, as well as with school associations and similar organizations of agents worldwide and work with those actions:

Benefits of services in support to the partners

Development of the new markets.

Orientation of consumer


Educational seminars

Support to the international schools members of Belta

Support and participation in international market

Press office

Assistance by internet

Study in Brazil

Study in Brazil is a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) and has the same standards as Belta’s affiliates, offering the best Brazilian programs to those who choose this sensational destination to study abroad.

When you choose an affiliate accredited by “Study in Brazil by Belta”, you know the company meets all the integrity and reliability requirements to operate exchange programs in Brazil.

Study in Brazil was created as a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) to promote and boost the Brazilian education programs to foreign students and international exchange companies.
In partnership with the Brazilian Tourist Board (EMBRATUR), Study in Brazil carries out many activities to promote the country abroad and establish Brazil as an important education destination worldwide.

Study in Brazil selects and gathers institutions that offer High School and Higher Education Courses, Portuguese classes, short- and long-term academic studies, in addition to programs that combine learning with tourism, sports, internships, voluntary work etc.

Over its 25 years, Belta has set the standards to ensure an excellent Brazilian experience for those who choose one of our affiliates.

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