The Belta – Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association unites the main Brazilian institutions which works in the courses area, internships and exchanges abroad.
Founded in 1st July 1992, Belta is a recognized association both in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays, your partners represent more than 75% of the educational international market. 

30 years

Thirty years of history.
Belta celebrates three decades promoting, disseminating and guaranteeing the excellence of the international education market in Brazil.
Since its foundation on July 1, 1992, millions of students through Belta Seal Agencies have made the dream of studying in another country come true!

Belta Seal

Belta Seal Agencies receives training and follows a strict standard of excellence established by Belta, always aiming at the student's experience.
We supervise the quality and compliance with a code of ethics to guarantee the conduct and image of the entity.
We also provide legal advice to our members and encourage participation in international fairs, among other attractions.
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From high school to language courses, from higher education to vacation programs, our associates are united under the principles of quality and excellence in service.
The main and best exchange agencies in Brazil are part of Belta, an entity that aims to expand the international education market in Brazil.
Belta Seal Agencies promote both the sending of Brazilian students abroad (outbound) and the reception of foreigners to study and have an experience of what it is like to live in Brazil (inbound).

Our goal


Guide the students and professional about the best alternatives of courses abroad, exchange and international graduate

Where are we

Belta is present in important national and international fairs of the segment, in which it promotes the Belta Seal Agencies directly to the consumer and acts in the market format for the trade in specific events. The final public – you, the student – ​​is also kept up to date with the best news for the exchange through the association’s official and online channels, with information and guidance for the public.


Belta’s activities

Belta develops partnerships with international language and educational institutions, as well as with school associations and similar organizations of agents worldwide and work with those actions:

Support to Associates

Benefits of services in support to the partners.

To develop

Development of the new markets.

Consumer orientation

Support to the international schools members of Belta.


Creation of Workshops

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars.


Consumer orientation

International Fairs

Support and participation in international market.


Press office.


Assistance by internet.

Belta is a member of FELCA (The Federation of Education & Language Consultant Associations). FELCA members include the national associations from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

STM Awards

10 years ago, Belta won for the fifth time the renowned international award STM Awards, considered the Oscar of the global segment of international education.
We are in the Hall of Fame, with a select group of companies that have the STM Star Awards Super Star seal.

Study in Brazil

Study in Brazil is a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) and has the same standards as Belta’s affiliates, offering the best Brazilian programs to those who choose this sensational destination to study abroad.

When you choose an affiliate accredited by “Study in Brazil by Belta”, you know the company meets all the integrity and reliability requirements to operate exchange programs in Brazil.

Study in Brazil was created as a branch of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) to promote and boost the Brazilian education programs to foreign students and international exchange companies.
In partnership with the Brazilian Tourist Board (EMBRATUR), Study in Brazil carries out many activities to promote the country abroad and establish Brazil as an important education destination worldwide.

Study in Brazil selects and gathers institutions that offer High School and Higher Education Courses, Portuguese classes, short- and long-term academic studies, in addition to programs that combine learning with tourism, sports, internships, voluntary work etc.

Over its 25 years, Belta has set the standards to ensure an excellent Brazilian experience for those who choose one of our affiliates.

Our board


Alexandre Argenta

Financial Director

Maura Leão

Operations Director

Marina Jendiroba

Institutional Relations Director

Flávio Crusoé Jr.

Audit Committee

Derci Jardim
Carla Amaral
Kitty C. Mello

Ethics Committee

Bea Faulhaber
Vivian Lac
Roberta Gutschow

High School   Committee

Flávio Crusoé Jr.


Mariglan Gabarra – Executive Director

Desiree Chantre – Marketing


Vitória Moura – Adm/Financial


Yasmin Carvalho   – Marketing Trainee


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